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Marssos eyes global growth with James and James


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Established in 2016 in Scotland, Marssos has become a jewellery brand associated with authentic designs for men, and a commitment to nature and quality. Founders Kristo Ojasaar and Sireli Sallo believe a sharp focus on the product, a high level of service and streamlined operations are putting the company in a strong position for future global expansion.

Having a reliable fulfilment partner like James and James gives us peace of mind that our customers worldwide will experience a great service.

Kristo Ojasaar,
CEO and Co-founder

The Challenge

Following a period of healthy business growth, Marssos was looking for a solution to support the order fulfilment and shipping side of the business.

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What we created

We worked with the Marssos team to build a plan of scalability through peak trading periods and beyond. 

Kristo said, “Preparing for periods of exponential sales growth is extremely important for eCommerce businesses. This includes being able to scale your order fulfilment and shipping, particularly in the run up to peak shopping periods, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas. For example, in 2018 our peak period sales level was 700% higher than during other parts of the year. Before partnering with James and James two years ago, this demand had caused long hours and lots of stress for our small team.”

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What we delivered

The partnership with James and James Fulfilment has provided Marssos with a scalable and cost-efficient fulfilment service which supports seasonal peaks and growing demand.  It has also freed up resources to focus on core business activities, such as product development, marketing and planning.

“We now have more time for marketing, planning and new product development which is crucial for future success. We can develop unique new designs and work on new and existing materials to further improve their durability,” said Sireli.